Mind Muscle Connection

When joining a new gym it can be rather off-putting to approach new people.

A lot of the time people don’t want to be bothered whilst in the gym and seem disturbed when you interrupt their session to ask them a question.

However, Andrea didn’t seem bothered in anyway when I approached her to ask her for some help. In fact, it was rather the contrary. She was very enthusiastic and excited to help me, making me feel very welcome and comfortable in the gym.

She showed me specific movements and techniques that have helped me make a mind to body muscle-connection that I have honestly been neglecting for many years. She comes across as if she really wants the best for people, and inspires me to be better.

This was written by Tom new member at the gym I spent 10 minutes explaining how to connect with the muscle ?

I was taken back by the look on his face as I physically saw the Penny drop ( an epic moment for Me ).

He exclaimed “that’s the best piece of advice iv ever been given, quietly and rather astonished. I was so happy to see and hear I had handed him a nugget of gold early on in his lifting life( it is a moment il never forget)

Thank you Tom for allowing me to give you that and thanks to the Bossman the one the only Dr Zak ? ? ❤