The End of BigKyri - Day 1

End of BigKyri – Day 1


BigKyri ProfileMy name is Kyri and I’ve been known as “BigKyri” for a very long time!

I have tried many times over the past decade to lose weight through diet and exercise.

I usually start in the springtime by going to Pumping Iron Gym every morning and working mostly on cardio. Over the years I have had some success, losing up to 4 stone (in most years) during the spring and summer months, but always seem to get back into my old bad habits of “reward eating” and then stop going to the gym altogether, putting all the weight back on during the winter months (my hibernation period haha) knowing that I can always start again when the weather is better.

Over the last 2 years however (during the pandemic lockdown, when the gym was mostly closed) I was unable to kick start again and a few concerning health problems have arisen (back pains, gout, blood pressure, diabetes, knee & joint pains… the list goes on). All stemming mostly from me being massively overweight, also being over 40 isn’t helping.

So I find myself at the start of my journey again, confident that this time I’m going to see it through and make it stick.

Dr Zak has always been a great inspiration to me, always helping me with advice and boosting my confidence. Without him, the friendly staff and the fellow members at Pumping Iron Gym, my weight loss journey wouldn’t be possible!

I have always felt welcome at Pumping Iron, the atmosphere there seems more like a fun social club rather than a gym, everyone is super friendly but there is some serious training going on. You can tell by the many (and I mean many) accolades and trophies on the wall by Dr Zak and other gym members that Pumping Iron really is “The Home of Champions”

I’m currently at the heaviest I’ve ever been, 144.45kg (22.7 stone) I’m fed up with being so big and have decided to once and for all make a massive lifestyle change and get healthier.

This morning I packed my gym bag, charged my wireless headphones and visited Dr Zak who welcomed me back to his amazing Gym with a smile, reassuring me “that weight loss is a marathon, not a sprint” and encouraging me to take that difficult first step to a healthier lifestyle.

This is my first day, after 30 minutes of cardio on the cross-trainer and a few free weight reps I feel great and soo glad to be back at Pumping Iron Fitness Gym.

I’ve started this blog to track my progress and keep me motivated, hopefully maybe even motivate others and we can share a successful weight loss journey together.

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