Pumping Iron Sports Club

Dr Dr Zak’s Pumping Iron Sports Club offers services for members trying to adopt a healthy lifestyle by losing weight, gaining lean muscle and generally improving their cardiovascular health. The club is on two floors offering equipment for both male & female use. Our friendly family atmosphere is welcoming for members of the public looking to join and adopt a healthy lifestyle. Instructors at hand for help & advice with training, eating plans and general lifestyles.

Dr Zak a qualified NABBA Instructor/Trainer & holder of many bodybuilding titles, such as Mr Cyprus & Mr London, Mr Britain, Jay Cutler Classic champion, available to assist and advise whether you want to build or slim down or maintain a high level of fitness.

Also high quality products for pre-work out and post workout with leading brands like Dr Zak’s Pumping Iron Sports Club products and Cutler Nutrition Products.

Some of our equipment include:

  • Lifefitness Treadmills
  • Lifefitness Cross trainers
  • Lifefitness Steppers
  • Lifefitness Bikes
  • Concept II rower
  • Full range of Technogym weight assisted machines
  • Hammer Strength, Free Weight & Olympic equipment
  • Plasma screens, coffee area, protein drinks
  • Full range of various supplements available
  • Massage therapy
  • Pumping Iron clothing and merchandise

All Day Pass £5
Weekly Pass £15
Monthly Unlimited Pass £45
Student Monthly Unlimited Pass £35
3 Month Membership £110
6 Month Membership £180
Yearly Membership £300

Benefits of Membership

Club Mission Statement

Pumping Iron Sports Club is committed to providing the best possible environment for our members to reach their maximum fitness potential with the right coaching and support, through exercise, nutrition and the adaptation of a healthy lifestyle

Club Values

Values are the core beliefs that shape the way people behave and make decisions. They provide a framework for how members treat one another and how they treat others such as potential members and other clubs.

Some of Pumping Iron’s Values are:

· We are Accessible
Questions about our club are welcomed

· We are Accountable
We will be transparent about what, how and why we operate the way we do

· Member Dedication
We expect all our members to make a commitment to the club and to its beliefs.

· Enjoyable
Participating should enhance people’s natural enjoyment of sport

· Excellence
We set, work towards, and achieve the highest standards in health and fitness.

· Integrity
We act in a fair and consistent and transparent manner

· Professional
Club representatives will conduct themselves in all their dealings in a way that confers and earns respect, and demonstrates integrity

· Respect
Respect your fellow members, coaches, and club, and support them to your utmost in your endeavours.

· Service Orientated
Participants should feel that they get the best possible experience and good value for the time and money that they are committing.


Regular health check (bloodwork and ECGs) done onsite.

Quick, Accurate & Affordable Prices.