I want to leave feedback about training with Andrea Dann. I’ve done fitness for more than 12 years. Three years ago after my son was born I lost all motivation. I recently started to look for somebody who motivates me. I found Andrea Dann. I found out that fitness for her it’s not just […]

Mind Muscle Connection

When joining a new gym it can be rather off-putting to approach new people. A lot of the time people don’t want to be bothered whilst in the gym and seem disturbed when you interrupt their session to ask them a question. However, Andrea didn’t seem bothered in anyway when I approached her to ask […]

Taylor Made Physique

I started training Gabriella sometime ago and the journey has been so rewarding both on a professional and personal level. Her physique is so happy to grow muscle fibre and respond to what workload we put to it. Gabriella has been blessed with the most aesthetically pleasing body so the foundation she brought to me. […]


  INSPIRATION AND DETERMINATION!!!!!!!!!!! Within these walls lives inspiration and determination, Zak has used every single opportunity offered to him in his career,  that intelligence combined with sheer bloody determination and drive to keep moving forward and make things happen is something that I have used as fuel to believe that I too can create […]


  I’m ANDREA DANN FITNESS I want to write a little something each week on a topic close to my heart, so you can get to know more about me and what I can help you with here at Dr Zak’s Pumping Iron gym. MOTIVATION!!! MOTIVATION!!! MOTIVATION!!! Like a stick of Blackpool rock, it’s running […]